Inhibition Door Swing

Inhibition Door Swing

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Someone’s banging on the bedroom door. Is it going to be you? Simple, compact, and comfortable the inhibition padded door swing easily slips over the top of any door frame, for multiple position possibilities in a super small package. Fully adjustable, featuring two sturdy hand holds and two padded stirrups, which you can use for your feet or your legs. No hardware needed for installation. Size and versatile design makes it perfect for travel!

Frisqué Features:

  • Portable over the door swing
  • Makes challenging positions and angles easy
  • Feel weightless during long lasting sessions
  • Adjusts to perfect height
  • Padded seat and stirrups keep you comfortable
  • Easy set up over any sturdy door, hangs in seconds
  • Made from durable metal, nylon and acrylic
  • Supports up to 220 lbs.


Find a sturdy bedroom door. Toss the two capped anchors over the top of the door, and close. The anchors will stay on the other side of the closed door as you play, keeping the swing in place. Climb on in. Your first time out, you may want to play with the seat’s straps to set it at just the right height.  Put your feet in the stirrups and experiment with the length. Grab onto the swing’s nylon hand loops for extra security. When you’re done get off the swing, open the door, take down the swing. It stores away easily in the closet or under the bed, ready until the next time your lover comes knocking. To clean, wipe with damp cloth.

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