Specialist Agreement

Specialist Agreement
Be Frisqué Ltd. also referred to as “Be Frisqué”
Independent sales specialist also referred to as “Specialist”
Independent Sales Specialist agrees to the following:


  1. I agree to be a minimum age of 18 and of legal age to enter into this agreement in the province/territory that I reside. I agree that I am a Canadian citizen or permanent resident with a valid Social insurance number.
  2. I consent to become an Independent Sales “Specialist” upon acceptance of this agreement.  This agreement gives me permission to purchase and sell Be Frisqué products.  The earnings and success of my Be Frisqué business depends directly on the sales of Be Frisqué products to clients.
  3. I accept that the contractual relationship with Be Frisqué, will be under the authority of the Specialist Agreement, Specialist Business Manual.
  4. Be Frisqué reserves the right to amend, revise, institute, alter or modify changes including but not limited to prices, literature, policies, Specialist Agreement, Specialist Business Manual and the Compensation Plan. Any such revisions become effective by email, letter(s) or by publication in official company literature or posted to Specialist at their last known address. The continued relationship with Be Frisqué will signify Specialist acceptance of such changes.
  5. I consent to the collection, use and storage of my personal information by Be Frisqué for the purposes of data collection and related commercial activity. 
  6. I certify that I am not an employee of Be Frisqué. As a Specialist, I will be responsible for filing all Provincial and Federal tax returns and paying income tax accordingly. I acknowledge I am not permitted to act on behalf or authorized to incur any debts or liabilities in the name of Be Frisqué or fellow Specialists.
  7. While conducting my Be Frisqué business, I promise not to engage in any unlawful or unethical business practices.  I agree not to violate the Code of Conduct as laid out in the Business Manual.  Other than what is expressed in the Business Manual, Be Frisqué makes no additional claims of any kind in regards to compensation or benefits.
  8. Be Frisqué is in the business of selling adult novelties, bath, body, lingerie and other related products.  I understand wholly, that Be Frisqué is a direct selling company.  Through this business model, Be Frisqué sells me products to re-sell to my clients for profit in the party plan format and person to person sales strategy.  I recognize that revenue is generated by the sale of Be Frisqué products.  Accordingly, I understand that no bonuses, commissions or other business income will be payable for adding Specialists to my team with only the sale of a launch kit.
  9. Either Be Frisqué or I may terminate this agreement, with or without cause upon written notice to either entity. This agreement will terminate automatically in the result of my death, bankruptcy or being found incompetent in the eyes of the law.
  10. All of my right to earnings and benefits are personal to me and cannot be transferred or assumed without Be Frisqué expressed and written consent.
  11. Be Frisqué specialists will receive a buying discount off retail. The buying discount will commence once the specialist has purchased a Be Frisqué launch kit and the agreement has been accepted by Be Frisqué. All other bonus information can be found in the Specialist Business Manual.
  12. Be Frisqué will not be held liable for any Specialist violation of any non-competition, non-compete, non-solicitation, or confidentiality agreement entered with any other organization or entity.
  13. All legal issues will be governed under Alberta law. All arbitration hearings will be held in Edmonton, Alberta.